Strange Museum: The Midnight Ride

By: Jahnna N. Malcolm
First published: 2003

This book was about a two kids who goes into the past to 1191 and there they found Robin Hood and this was a story that could be true and also fictional. This is funny because during the story the girl makes fun of the boy.

The main characters in the story are the two kids which names are Jake and Mandy and also the other one is Robin Hood. The kids want to go back home and Robin Hood wants this not to become king of the land they lived in.

What happen to the characters is that in the end of the story the two kids when back home and Robin Hood he got to stop the person from becoming the king. The major events that happened in this part of the book is when the two kids go back home and also when Robin stopped the person from becoming king. The problem was how the two kids going to get back home. And solution was that they had an object that was not theirs so if they returned they were going back home.

The book’s themes would be the kids going to the past and Robin Hood trying to stop this guy from becoming king. What the author might be trying to tell us is that Robin Hood was a very important person because of the way he acted about things.

I would recommend this book to another person because it shows information of who was Robin Hood. A certain type of reader would be a person who is into history because this is part of history.

Review by Brandon de La Rosa Mata, 601